The Living Room

A New Small Group for Young Couples

Calling all 20ish to mid-30ish couples! Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM for a NEW small group Bible study led by Steve and Celia Cox. The subject is LIFE... the answer is CHRIST. We are located just around the corner, across from the aquarium (beginning March 5th), so come on in, the coffee's hot! 


From Pastor Randy Wood: "Seed4Faith" 

Click here to start receving Pastor Randy's Seed4Faith article each Monday. 



Celebrate Recovery

Fridays | 6 pm
Mondays | 7 pm

Stepping Out of Denial Into God's Gracestudy is held each Monday at 7 pm to 8 pm with groups for both men and women. The groups will meet regardless of weather or holidays. Book packet is $20. Click here for more information.


Weight Loss Support Group

Mondays | 9:30 am

Participate and you will receive Guidance, Research and Shared experiences. Mondays @ 9:30 am, Room 202.


Wednesday Night Family Meals

Weekly | 5:30 pm

Click here for quick access. Go to the Ministries tab and click Food Services. You will find weekly menus posted along with the cost of meals and reservation information.


The Voice of Liberty Baptist Newsletters

Download LBC's monthly newsletter on line.

Click here to go to the Voice of Liberty Baptist Newsletter.





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